Thursday 22nd March 2018
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Nearby Places

Kensington and Chelsea (1 miles)
Westminster, City of (2 miles)
Lambeth (2 miles)
Wandsworth (3 miles)
Camden (3 miles)
Hammersmith and Fulham (2 miles)
Southwark (3 miles)
Golders Green (5 miles)
Merton (5 miles)
Islington (4 miles)


Population: Approx 6,962,319
Longitude: -0.17
Latitude: 51.5
Street Map: Click Here
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Weather Station: London Weather Centre
(about 2 miles away)

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There are three main ways to link to your local newspaper. The easiest way is just to link directly to our site. You can do this using the following URL:

If you're a blogger and want to include headlines on your own site, you'll probably want to use an RSS feed. Just click the small RSS button on the front page of your newspaper to access it. The URL is:

If you do use the RSS feed, please take the time to link to us directly as well.

Alternatively, you can get your local news headlines directly onto your own web site by using the following simple piece of javascript:

<script src=""></script>

(The HTML should be all on one line.)

You can refine the formatting of the headlines with a simple style sheet in your HTML, for example:

	.ln_list, .ln_link {
		font-family: arial, helvetica;
		font-size: 8pt;
	.ln_item {
		border-bottom: 1px dashed #999;
		padding-bottom: 15px;
		margin-bottom: 3px;
	.ln_headline {
		font-size: 9pt;
		font-weight: bold;
	.publication {
		font-weight: bold;

This will produce headlines on your web page that look something like this:

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