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Thursday 2nd October 2014
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Roxas Facts

Population: Approx 111,649
Longitude: 122.75
Latitude: 11.6
Street Map: Click Here
Country: Philippines (PH)
Weather Station: Roxas
(about 1 miles away)

Roxas Weather

Current Weather in Roxas
Roxas suspends operations of 8 firearms dealers
MANILA, Philippines---Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II ordered suspended the operation of eight firearms dealers for failing to account for 116 missing high-powered firearms.   The decision was made after Roxas met with Philippine National Police Civil Security Group (CSG) head Police Director Melito Mabilin and Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO)'s Chief Superintendent Moro Lazo.   Eight ...
Roxas earns snickers after Davao visit
INTERIOR Secretary Mar Roxas visited Davao City Tuesday to attend an event at the Ateneo de Davao University. Although this is not the first and definitely not the last visit of Roxas here in the city, it was the first time that a very presidential-like security was implemented during his visit. This generated jeers on social media.
Roxas vows to institute reforms in PNP
Interior Secretary Mar Roxas on Tuesday assured the public that institutional reforms in the 150,000-strong Philippine National Police would continue amid allegations of corruption against PNP Director General Alan Purisima.
Roxas downplays improved rating
MANILA, Philippines--Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel "Mar" Roxas II downplayed the rise in his presidential voter preference rating.   "Hindi ko binibigyan ng masyadong pansin ang survey na 'yan dahil nakatutok tayo sa ating trabaho," Roxas said on Tuesday after the Liga ng mga Barangay assembly in Davao City.   (I did not really pay attention to that survey because I was focused ...
Puzzling numbers in Pulse Asia’s latest survey
At last, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas numbers moved up.  A quick scan of media headlines yielded only two issues  where Roxas was featured in  a prominent role:  the announcement of the identification of  police officers involved in the brazen EDSA daytime hulidap and his suggestion that President Aquino extends his stay in Malacañang beyond 2016. Could that have gained for him enormous credit ...
Roxas strengthens hold as LP bet for President, says Abad
MANILA, Philippines --- Secretary MarRoxas' "surge" in the latest Pulse Asiasurveyhasfurtherstrengthenedhis hold as the presumptive presidentialbet of theLiberal Party(LP),anLP stalwart and Budget SecretaryFlorencio "Butch" Abadtold on Tuesday.   From 7 percent in July, Roxas'ratingwent up to 13 percent inthePulseAsia surveyconductedfrom September8 to 15 this year. He came second ...
Roxas won’t pressure PNP chief to quit amid wealth probe
DAVAO CITY, Philippines --- Hounded by questions here about reforms in the Philippine National Police (PNP), Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel "Mar" Roxas II refused to make a stand on issues surrounding the beleaguered Philippine National Police (PNP) Director Genral Alan Purisima who has been facing a Senate inquiry into his alleged ill-gotten wealth.   "No one is above the law ...
Roxas denies ties with group pushing for Aquino’s term extension
DAVAO CITY, Philippines---Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II distanced himself on Tuesday from the group pushing for President Benigno Aquino III's second term through a constituent assembly that would amend the 1987 Constitution and lift the single-term limit on presidents.   "I don't have anything to do with it," Roxas told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, after speaking at the Liga ng mga ...
Roxas: Lifestyle check for all PNP
DEPARTMENT of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Mar Roxas on Tuesday assured that all members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be subjected to lifestyle check.
LP 'expected' rise of Roxas in 2016 survey
MANILA, Philippines – Following the climb in survey numbers of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, Liberal Party (LP) Acting President and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said the rise was “expected.” On Monday, September 29, Abaya told Rappler the 6-point rise in Roxas’ numbers is unsurprising. “It’s an expected consequence of sticking ...

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